Right of Withdrawal Form

The Katnipp Studios Limited Right of Withdrawal provides customers with a 14-day window from the date of receiving their order to reconsider and, if desired, initiate the return process. This user-friendly policy underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction, allowing individuals the flexibility to assess their purchase and ensuring a fair and reasonable timeframe for decision-making. The Right of Withdrawal form, available below, guides customers through a straightforward process, making it easy to exercise their right to return products and receive refunds within the specified 14-day period. At Katnipp Studios Limited, we prioritise transparency and compliance with consumer protection regulations, aiming to provide a seamless and trustworthy online shopping experience.

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Right of Withdrawal Form

Date: [Date]

To: Katnipp Studios Limited

I/We [Consumer Name(s)] hereby give notice that I/we withdraw from my/our contract of sale of the following goods [insert a description of the product/service]:

  • Order Number: [Insert Order Number]
  • Order Date: [Insert Order Date]
  • Product/Service Name: [Insert Product/Service Name]
  • Quantity: [Insert Quantity]
  • Price: [Insert Price]

Ordered on [Insert Order Date]/received on [Insert Delivery Date]

Consumer Name(s): [Your Name]

Consumer Address: [Your Address]

Consumer Email Address: [Your Email Address]

Consumer Phone Number: [Your Phone Number]

Reason for withdrawal: [Briefly explain the reason for withdrawal]

I/We request a refund for the above-mentioned product(s)/service(s).

Date: [Insert Date]

Signature (if sending a printed copy):

[Your Name]

Please send this completed form to hello@katnipp.com